Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Going Without Sugar – One Month In

So here I am at the end of my first month without sugar; and yes you heard me right, I think I’m actually going to be sticking with this for a while. Biggest reason why – Since I started this back on June 1st I’ve dropped 13.5 pounds (243 to 230 for those who want specifics), and other than the switch off of sugar, I really haven’t done much differently. Sure my evening snacks are now either fruit or veggies (and yes I know there is sugar in both, but I’ve been trying to avoid sucrose rather than fructose), and yes I’ve been having regular walks in the evening, either by myself or with a family member if they take pity on me, but overall I haven’t changed a whole heck of a lot.

I’m still a little hesitant to try taking my wedding ring off – as I no longer have a medical test I’m required to take it off for, I’m not sure how removing the physical symbol of my marriage comes across as a positive, but I can spin it around on my finger a heck of a lot easier now. Through the month I went through a number of cravings, from baked goods to holiday cookies and weirdly an entire whole week thinking about McCain Deep ‘n Delicious cakes but other than that I found the cravings to be pretty manageable and I have to admit, my clothes are feeling more comfortable.

So now I’m working on how to fit my new sugar-free lifestyle into my life, and honestly, some things I’m not willing to give up – I’ve got a kid’s birthday in mid-July and you’d better believe I’m getting me some birthday cake, but after that I don’t have another treat-related event until the end of August (my own birthday) so I think I’ll skip out on sugar until then.

In the end I guess I’m saying that it’s not impossible, although the first week wasn’t amazing, and I’m happy enough with the results I’ll be keeping up with this at least over the rest of the summer of 2015…

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