Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

For Father's Day my kids took my out to see  Jurassic World  - well, to be fair they took me out to see it twice, first for an early matinee that had been sold out, and then to a later matinee we could get seats for - and considering this was a movie that came out a week ago, that was pretty surprising!

The film is quite a lot of fun, action, dinosaurs and scares - but not -gory (although some of the scares are pretty intense!), the story is a lot of fun, and honestly, this should be seen on the big screen.

Of all the films, this falls just beneath the original, but I definitely preferred it to both the second and third films.  It also had an awful lot of fun tie-ins with the original film.

Go see it!

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