Saturday, June 6, 2015

Movie Review: Kung Fury

Holy cats...

All right, I've been aware of this little Kickstarter phenomenon for a while now, both as it was being crowdsourced and later after it was released, but it wasn't until my friend Ron sent me a direct link that I actually sat down for half an hour to check it out.

Kung Fury (31 minutes) is crazy fun.

You should go to YouTube and see it now.

The film, an '80s-themed Martial Arts/Action-Heavy cop film, works to put in just about everything my thirteen-year-old self (1989) loved about movies - explosions, science fiction, amazing visuals - it's pretty great.  On top of that, the film works to appear as if it were a movie which came out 25-years ago, appearing to be played on an over-played VHS copy with inconsistent tracking issues. In a lot of ways it made me think of Black Dynamite.

Honestly, it kind of has to be seen to be believed.

Go watch it now.

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