Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Evening Constitutional

Since giving up sugar at the beginning of the month, I have added one other health benefit; the evening constitutional - basically going for a walk before it gets too dark (although up here in Edmonton the sun sets after 10pm during the summer).  

I'm not going particularly fast, and all in all the walk takes about 45 minutes, but I have found that my kids are much more likely to come on a walk with me if I ask!

Which is pretty great really, as they get older and have more stuff to do it's kind of fun to get a little one on one time with either of them (or both of them, but then that's not one on one anymore) and as my youngest is heading off to Quebec for the better part of the summer in a few weeks I'll take whatever time I can get!

Anyway, I know it's not baseball or rock climbing or any other glamorous endeavor, but a simple walk every day has been a lot of fun for me this month.

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